Technology is constantly changing and giving us more and more convenience, including in our homes. What used to be seen as new and innovative – phone jacks, cable jacks, etc. – has become dated and replaced with Bluetooth and smart home automation that we can update from our phones, computers, or devices like Alexa and Google Home. Today, we’re building homes with technology that helps homeowners monitor almost every feature imaginable inside and outside the home. Below are a few advanced technologies we’ve seen custom homeowners asking for.


From thermostats, cameras, and video doorbells to alarm systems, door locks, and smoke/CO alarms, Nest is bringing home safety and convenience together in one app for homes and business. Nest helps homeowners and business owners monitor their home from the comfort of the couch or while away, including monitoring alerts, temperature adjustments, and smoke/CO alarm alerts. Being in the know of what is going on with your home gives you peace of mind and instant communication.

MyQ LiftMaster Garage Doors

We love the MyQ by LiftMaster because of its ease of use and flexibility with being able to open the garage door for others without having to give out a code. You can see when your garage door is opened and when it is closed. You can also open the garage door remotely, so a home service professional can visit the home when you’re away – no need to share a code and have to worry about changing it later. Plus, it integrates with a lot of other smart home products, like Nest, Google, IFTTT, Xfinity, Honeywell, and Wink.


In areas of high elevation that are common to freezing temperatures, we always recommend a WaterCop. These little devices connect to your water valve and work to detect water leaks and stop them before the damage is done – even when you’re away from home. After seeing a few flooded homes and crawl spaces after pipes bursting, we’d recommend a WaterCop be installed on every home in the Rocky Mountains.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

There are a lot of smart sprinkler control systems that work with smartphones, but we like Rachio because it integrates well with Alexa, Google, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings. Homeowners can schedule when their lawn needs to be watered, turn off the system altogether, and take advantage of the rain feature where the sprinkler system turns off when it rains.

Automated Blinds

A lot of custom homes are being built with large, expansive windows so that homeowners can enjoy the natural Colorado beauty that surrounds them. Dealing with blinds and curtains can be difficult with just how big these windows are, though, but automated blinds can help you manage your blinds from a remote or app. A lot of blind-automation kits even connect with Alexa and Google, giving homeowners the ability to control the blinds via voice command.

Smart Home Automation

More Smart Home Automation Technology

There are plenty of smart home automation products that can be purchased outside of a home build to help create the ultimate smart home.  The Philips Hue line of light bulbs helps you set the mood with different colors and intensity. There are ovens, grills, smokers, refrigerators, and ovens that all have onboard smart technology that connects with some of the most common hubs and touchscreen systems too. We love smart vacuums and smart lawnmowers to help with house chores. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is a dream to sleep on too; it uses biometric sensors to help you learn about your sleep habits, so you can get a better night’s rest.

Managing a Smart Home Automation System

When you start to get too many smart home products, it can become hard to manage them all, but with a lot of the ones we’ve mentioned above, there are integrations between the programs. Make sure to see if the product you choose integrates with the other products you’re looking into so that you’re managing the minimum number of apps.

There are also systems that can be installed in the home that integrates everything into one wall system. This type of touchscreen system helps integrate everything from security cameras, audio/video, security, lighting, HVAC, and other monitoring all into one system that can be installed in every room of the house. Depending on what subscription you chose, these types of systems can also open and shut doors, heat up the hot tub, and lock doors when you’re ready to go to bed at night.

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