The Five Experts You Need to Build a Home


Building a home is no small feat, even if you know what you want. But having these five experts on your side can help expedite things and get you into the home of your dreams sooner than you might expect.

1. A Great Realtor

Whether you’re seeking a production home to purchase (and customize) or are wanting an original from the ground up, a great realtor is essential. A realtor can also help you navigate buying vacant land for your custom build. A knowledgeable realtor can also help you better understand the cost to build on land that is rocky or on a steep slope. 

Keep in mind that not all realtors are equal. In many cases, a real estate agent may offer similar services as realtors. Read this interesting article by The Balance on the difference between a real estate agent and a realtor to learn more. Both professionals must retain a license, but a realtor must commit to a specific code of ethics that dictate how they perform transactions and receive payment.

In addition to licensure, your realtor should also be ready to answer your questions and reassure you throughout the homebuying process. Questions you should ask to gauge your real estate professional’s experience and expertise include:

  • How many sales have you handled in my target neighborhood(s)?
  • What’s your fee/commission?
  • Who else will be working with me/us?
  • Has a client ever filed a complaint against you?

2. Skilled Architect and Builder

A skilled architect can take your vision from sketchpad to reality. Your architect will investigate the lot you purchase, determine accessibility, and decide on potential layouts that fit the land. They will also plan your home to make the most of natural lighting, shade, and views – essential things to keep in mind when building in the mountains.

Plus, an architect can estimate costs for your desired layout and materials. Pricing differences between a single-story versus multi-story home, for example, can influence your design choices.

Once you have your home planned out, it’s time to look for a professional to bring your dream into reality. The skilled, certified, and well-reviewed home construction team from Millworks Constructions Services can take your architect’s plans and put together a beautifully crafted custom home. Our homebuilding experts have extensive custom home builder experience with individual attention and are well known for our unsurpassed craftsmanship.

3. Experienced Contractor

For most jobs, a general contractor oversees your home building process. This professional should have the required license(s) and insurance, plus good references.

General contractors handle everything from hiring (and overseeing payroll for) subcontractors to directing each day’s work. A general contractor is handy around the job site, managing or personally attending to complex homebuilding tasks.

Your contractor also obtains all the necessary permits and inspections on your behalf, making it easier to step away from the project when you need to.

If you’re looking for a general contractor in the Grand County area, we hope that you give our team a chance to chat with you about your project. We can happily share references and walk you through our process of getting permits, to breaking ground, building from the ground up, and welcoming you home. Give us a call at (970) 726-9225 or email us at 

4. Knowledgeable Interior Designer

Even if you know what style décor you want for your home, hiring a knowledgeable interior designer is necessary. Interior designers use textiles, paint, lighting, and other materials to create a comfortable, welcoming, and safe home environment. Their expertise spans visual design plus the ability to read blueprints, draw diagrams, and other technical tasks.

The right interior designer will listen carefully to your ideas and preferences. Afterward, they’ll source materials and work with other professionals to make those concepts come to life. In most cases, you won’t even have to shop for furniture or unroll rugs yourself — the interior designer (and their team) takes care of everything. Finding a qualified interior designer is as simple as reviewing candidates on online job platforms. 

5. Helpful Loan Officer

When you decide to build a home rather than buy one, you need to know what you want. You might finance a full custom home build, or you might opt for personalizing a production home. Either way, unless you’re paying cash, you will need a mortgage.

Depending on the purchase scenario, you may need a home construction loan or a standard mortgage. Different types of new home loans have various parameters, including securing a home builder before applying for a loan. In some cases, builders may sell finished homes—with customization options—to homebuyers.

A mortgage loan officer can provide you with details on multiple types of loans. For example, they’ll explain construction-to-permanent versus stand-alone construction loans, including the rates and qualification specifics.

The home building process can take anywhere from 6 months (for personalizing a production home) to 16 months (for a custom-built) home. Fortunately, knowing these five pros can keep you on track toward earning your new home keys.

To learn more about building a luxurious custom mountain home, contact Millworks Construction Services today at (970) 726-9225.

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